Strategy + facilitation


We specialise in crafting purpose-driven strategy for businesses, non-profits, and government departments.

Our approach

We use ethnographic research to help you see clients and customers more clearly, then work with you to generate new options backed by strong business models. Finally, we can help you set priorities and articulate a clear, compelling story to get your staff and stakeholders on the same page.

Most modern approaches to strategy begin with urgency. They emphasise that we’re in a VUCA world: volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. They stress that you need expert guidance (usually from a consultant), and that the road will be rough.

While we agree the world is full of complex systems and wicked problems, we also recognise that change is not new. We know that as humans we are magnificently creative and adaptive, and we know that panic won’t make things clearer.

We like people, especially you.

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