2030 strategy for Australia's leading renewable energy body.


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Clean Energy Council


Hinterland has worked with the Clean Energy Council across a number of projects, from board strategy facilitation to leadership team support to campaign design to a full 2030 strategy involving external stakeholder input, board workshops, and staff engagement.


The 2030 process was broken into three phases: 1. See more clearly, 2. Find Clarity, and 3. Communicate Clarity. It was designed to gather genuine input from external stakeholders and all levels of the organisation from staff through to board with managers and the executive leadership team providing the deepest engagement. 

Calm, thoughtful manner. Honest acknowledgement of where we are + what we don’t know. Didn’t try to do too much, but what we did do felt meaningful.

External discovery

We began the process by interviewing key industry stakeholders, leading thinkers and CEC members to better understand trends, challenges, and current and future industry needs, and external sentiment about the CEC.

Strategy team

In order to build the strategic capacity of the organisation, five promising staff members were nominated to be on an internal strategy team. Hinterland provided this team with training while guiding them through a sense-making process (using the external discovery data) to identify key themes, challenges, and decision points for the CEC over the coming decade.

"Entertaining, great communicator, and clear instructor."

Staff engagement and pop-up

About a third of the way through the process, we wanted to share the initial progress with the staff. With such a large workforce, bringing everyone together too many times was difficult, so we conceived of a ‘pop-up’ to allow staff to engage on their own terms. We took over a meeting room for a day and designed a gallery with series of activities to allow the staff to understand the progress so far and help us test early ideas. This early engagement was critical to making sure that the later full staff workshop was smooth and successful.

"Pop up was well run, clear purpose and direction."

Scenario planning workshop with the board.
"Great facilitator and liked the change of pace. Moving around! Involved all participants."


"We cut through a lot of the messiness of the strategy and were able to focus on key outcomes."

In addition to producing a 2030 roadmap and vision for the CEC, we were able to help the organisation explore multiple scenarios, get ahead of coming strategic challenges, clarify their ambition, and empower an internal team with increased strategic acumen.

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