Facilitation, campaign strategy, and capability-building for Australia's biggest environmental non-profit.


I don’t think we would have achieved the outcomes we did without Ryan’s skills, facilitation of our process and distillation of our discussion.

- ACF Council Member

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Australian Conservation Foundation

Hinterland has worked with ACF on a variety of projects, from facilitation of board strategy days to campaign planning exercises.

We apply our Human-Centred Design approach to facilitation for each engagement. This means we view the projects through a lens of journey and story, keeping people at the centre.

"Awesome. Professional. Knowledgable. Very well prepared. Amazing facilitation skills."

For each workshop we seek to understand the diverse starting perspectives of the participants in advance and the hopes that are held for our time together. We use that insight and our years of expertise with experience design to assemble bespoke, creative activities to guide us toward a meaningful outcome in ways that are effective and memorable.


"Super helpful, objective and friendly. Great format design. Thank you!"

We had a range of productive workshops with ACF and received great feedback.

"Great facilitation. Good timekeeping and respectful—if difficult—discussions."
Very sensitive to the group. Very present and able to suggest the best way forward. Thank you.
"Fantastic to have a passionate, progressive, and impartial facilitator."

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