We take an interdisciplinary approach grounded in systems thinking and human-centred design.


Our work

Our work is in two parts: social lab and consultancy.

We launch new initiatives as a social lab.

We initiate projects like the Nature Festival and Kitestring to explore how we live, work, and belong in the modern era.

In the midst of a Western narrative dominated by disconnection and isolation, we focus on building structures of belonging.


Our consultancy services specialise in strategy, design, and system change.

We help others to shift systems.

Whether that's through better strategic clarity, stronger products, complex collaborations, or new capabilities.


Strategy and facilitation

Strategy for purpose-driven businesses, non-profits, social enterprises, and government departments.


Product and service design

Design research and human-centred design for digital products, interactive services, and public policy.


Systems change collaborations

Design and facilitation of large, collaborative systems change projects.


Capability building

Project-based training in human-centred design, creativity, and systems thinking.

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What we offer

Strategy + facilitation

We specialise in crafting purpose-driven strategy for businesses, non-profits, and government departments.

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Research + customer insight

We'll help you better understand your customers and find new opportunities and ideas.

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Product + service design

We'll help you design new products and services through customer-led innovation.

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Team + culture design

We work with organisations and teams to design a more creative, trusting, and effective culture.

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Policy design

We guide government agencies in innovative approaches to crafting policy in collaboration with communities.

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Systems change collaborations

We bring diverse organisations together to tackle common challenges by equipping them with shared language and design tools.

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Capability building

We have run human-centred design, systems thinking, and innovation training for thousands of professionals across Australia.

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