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Gather Care


After a successful transition from a non-profit to an investable social enterprise, Gather Care approached Hinterland for help with their organisational and product strategy to accelerate growth of their business and their impact.

A look inside the Gather Group technology (note this image is of existing public features, not our new work, which is still confidential)


Hinterland acted as an outsourced product team for Gather Care, collaborating with the management team and development team over 6 months to redefine overall strategy including where to focus, differentiation, how to prioritise, and how to tell that story to investors.

Example interaction design and user flow for one of the features we designed for Gather Care. Blurred for confidentiality.


We helped Gather Care refine their core customer focus and priorities, establish a clearer narrative and outline an ambitious, forward-looking product strategy.

At the design level we produced full specifications for key new features down to screen design and detailed user stories for the development team.

At the strategic level we produced a pitch document for their next investment round and an internal product strategy document and roadmap to serve as an ongoing touchstone.

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